About Us

Our Philosophy of existence and creating #TheNextAwesome every time.

About Us

We are a group of thinkers, product designers, visualizers and craftsmen who are in a constant endeavor to create beautiful products that simplify our everyday lives.

One of our first outputs is the Montero Bag, which we have taken over 2 years to design and evolve. It still has an evolution to undergo, and so do we as a team, where we intend to add more utility for our everyday needs.

Our design philosophy is based on 3 principles – simplicity, feasibility and viability, and everything we design is measured across these parameters.

We have an open policy of taking feedback from our users and converting them into value-features for our products. With this, we shall remain connected with our users and provide them a simple and direct channel to see their ideas get converted to usable products.

Our journey has just begun and we shall travel this path together with YOU.

We hear our user’s feedback

As part of our philosophy to create products to simplify every lives, we are open to hear from our users and take their inputs, validate it and put them into our backlog of development/enhancement of our products.

Corporate Responsibility

We care about nature and act responsibly

We plant a tree for each product we sell. This is our way to give back to society and to nature and work towards creating a sustainable ecosystem.

We will start publishing more details of the planted trees soon so that the details are available transparently to our patrons.

The idea is not to live forever,
but to create something that will

- Andy Warhol